WHEELS FOR ALEX WHEELS GREAT things can be achieved when everyone pulls together for a good cause. So when MPW Performance, Eye Candy Motorsports and Facebook cruise group HWY organised a dyno day and bikini car wash to raise money toward a mobility vehicle for Alex Taylor, the six-year-old son of Street Machine Deputy Editor Scott Taylor, everyone got behind the campaign.

It all started when Adam Rogash offered to put on the dyno day at MPW Performance, and from there it snowballed into a massive fundraiser that saw a GoFundMe campaign raise over $32,000. The 4x4 enthusiast charity group Drive4Life kicked in another $15,000, and Western Australia burnout video guru Peter Flint raised another $3000 with the help of Gazzanats and WA fans.

M M g a t T FOR ALEX Then the dyno day organisers had their turn. Hundreds turned out at MPW in Dandenong to meet Alex, who suffers from cerebral palsy, and help raise even more money for the cause. Around 27 cars hit the rollers and there were plenty of heavy hitters, but the highest output of the day came from Luke Foley’s twin-turbo VH, which pumped out 991rwhp. The bikini car wash raised more dollars, along with the major raffle that featured rides in MPW’s NOSHOW Commodore and John Pilla’s RUFLESS burnout ute. Just over $5100 was raised on the day, and the Taylor family would like to thank everyone who contributed towards the fundraiser.

The money will help purchase a wheelchair-accessible vehicle that will allow young Alex to travel to school and back quickly and safely each day. Nice work everybody!