Christopher Rodger, email

I HAVE been going to Summernats since the seventh event; I used to buy a season pass and stay there for four days straight. These days I go for a few hours on the Saturday, and to be honest I didnít even bother this year Ė at $90 for a day pass, itís almost what a season pass used to cost and there is simply not enough entertainment at the show anymore to justify it.

The straw that broke the camelís back was without a doubt no burnouts being allowed on the cruise route. I have always wanted to enter a car into Summernats, and am making the final touches to my YB Cosworth-powered Mk2 Escort, but I doubt I will be entering it unless there are changes made to burnouts on the cruise route.

People enter their cars so they can play with them, and for all the unregistered guys, car events are the only opportunity to do so. You really do have to work something out with your insurance guys on how to allow burnouts on the route again Ė the punters love it, the entrants love it, and youíll get more wallets coming through the gates. It will just be beneficial to everyone, including to Summernatsí bottom line.

I feel if something isnít done about the cruise route, Summernats will eventually just fade into the history books. It used to be Australiaís best party (well, neck and neck with Bathurst, which the fun police are slowly destroying too), but not anymore.