Gavin Kershaw, email

IíVE been attending Summernats for 25 years as an entrant and spectator. I now take my son along as well. Iíve noticed the changes over the past few years, and I must say some are not in the best interest of the event.

This is the worldís greatest car show, not the local pub piss-up.

Thursday and Friday have become the days to attend Ė more cars cruising and less pissed nits to contend with. Iím not sure if these pissed nits realise that less cars will cruise if thereís a likelihood of your car getting damaged, your missus being harassed, getting abused because you wonít do a burnout or even the possibility you run someone over.

I agree with some of Peter Warburtonís comments in your February issue. Has the time come to change the alcohol rules inside the complex?

I hate to say it, but maybe take out the mobile slushie machines! Leave the bars to sell the spirits.

I love a beer myself but I think some are coming for a piss-up rather than a car show and it will only take one of them to wreck the entire event for everyone else. Maybe itís time to act now rather than someday have to react!