Noel Weber, email

IN RESPONSE to Redmond (Your Stuff, SM, Feb 16) or is that Redneck? yes, Ford fans are different; in fact we are better than the rest of the herd. We do not blindly follow a brand just because some bloke was lucky enough to win Bathurst nine times. We choose to follow Ford because it is not easy, and it is different to the rest of the crowd. It takes character and backbone to not only endure the ridicule and discrimination but to embrace it.

There are plenty of nice Holdens out there, plenty of tough ones too. But what do the majority of them rely on to motivate them? The tried-andtrusted Ford nine-inch diff. It takes Ford to keep the Holdens moving, otherwise the herd would go feral.

So keep the ridicule coming the Ford camp knows who really needs shock therapy.