Redmond, email

HEY Shaun Dunford (Your Stuff, SM, Mar ’16), the Lions ruling the steel and rubber in this country might be convinced to give back their trophies for winning Bathurst 2015, Summernats 29 Burnout Masters and Horsepower Heroes, and the 2015 SM Drag Challenge and SMOTY after reading your piece.

I will be sure to ask an HO owner what his car is worth (God knows my insomnia has flared up again). I may ask how much the world’s fastest four-door V8 would be worth now if it had actually beaten Peter Brock in his Holden six-cylinder at Bathurst 1972.

As for your gushing love declaration for Ford, Holden, Val, rice, Euro and even Pommy motors – did you use a politically correct, environmentally friendly, non-offensive, non-discriminatory flavourless soapbox in order to climb up high enough to be a fence-sitter? Are you a bit afraid to dive into the lukewarm water? Not me, I like the deep end.

We can all do with a bit of advice now and again, so as you can see I’ve taken yours and have indeed spiced up my one egg on Vegemite toast a little.

And to prove my goodwill toward you, I also baked you a delicious sausage roll that you can take with you to prove your love to the Ford crowd. Enjoy.

PS: If Dick Johnson adopted you, your name could be Shaun Johnson, and that is a great name for either a porn star or a Justin Bieber album.