CONGRATULATIONS to Perth’s Chris Bitmead and the incredible team behind his XBOSS XB Falcon, which made the Great Eight at this year’s Detroit Autorama – the first Aussie car to do so. While it didn’t take out the top prize of the coveted Ridler Award (won by Billy and Debbie Thomas’s 1939 Oldsmobile), XBOSS certainly made an impression on the Yanks, with a huge crowd around it all weekend. It even took out the Outstanding Car of Show award. Check out how it all went down on streetmachine.com.au; we’ll have a full feature on the car next issue. But for now here’s some of the reaction to XBOSS from our Facebook page.

Daryl Williams – This is by far the best car ever built in Australia. Wow! Big credit to the guys and gals that put a lot of time into it. Thank you.

Barry Blundell – Fantastic! I’m stoked that one of our Falcon coupes has pulled so much attention in a world-class event. I was only saying the other week that our show cars have dropped off a bit, but obviously the people involved in building this Ridler contender are of a different ilk – a Chip Foose ilk!

Paul Black – It looks very Chip Foose-inspired.

The Yanks’ll have a meltdown because the steering wheel is ‘awn the wrawng sahde’!

Pat Lynch – I’ve always wanted to see a true Ridler contender. It’s good to see some Aussie craftsmen in the Great Eight first time out.

Pete Styles – Gotta love the way the Americans react to our Aussie cars! Even better when it’s something like this beautiful work of art.

Don Vierstra – I heard many people talking about it all over the place. Even in the elevator at the hotel I was staying at.

Tom Lavender – Warms the heart to hear the people appreciate great Aussie muscle, in the same way that we love US cars. Well done boys.

Mick Waters – It’s an XB coupe! Who wouldn’t do their nuts over it, whether it was a stock 500 or GT or Goss? They’re just sexy!

Patrick Archibald – I’m more a Holden man than Ford, but I think the Falcon coupe is a beautiful shape, and that’s the best one ever.

Mark Rushworth – Well done to all involved. You should be extremely proud of your efforts! Now bring it back to Oz and travel the country to show us all!

Chris Pace – XBOSS is awesome, but there is also a small Australian piece of the Ridler-winning Oldsmobile puzzle. Darren Wenzel of Gasoline Art in Fort Worth, Texas was commissioned to paint the show board for the car, and while he’s been Stateside for a few years now, he’s still as Australian as thongs, barbecues, beer and burnouts. Like the rest of the car, the board is outstanding too.

Stephen Skimin – Too much going on. Bring back the proper cars we can drive every day!

Nigel Weston – Nuh, it’s not in that league.

Daniel Cantrill – It made the Great Eight, so it is in that league.

Paul Carstairs – Nice, but well below the standard of a lot of the beasts built here!

Brett Ebb – Um, show us what you got if you think you can do better, Paul. To have a car built in our country, then shipped across to the other side of the world and make the Great Eight for the Ridler Award means they have done a fantastic job.

Craig Butler – It’s nice, but doesn’t look like a Ridler contender to me. Just sayin’.

Matt Koleczko – How so?

Craig Butler – Maybe the photos I have seen don’t do it justice, but this car had been made out to be a serious contender for the Ridler – I just can’t see it.

Rob Mackay – I have to agree. Not to take anything away from the effort to get it to where it is, and congratulations to all the people involved.

But it’s beautiful, until they open the bonnet. I think they missed out on an opportunity there and I’m struggling to understand the aqua/green line.

Martin Welz – The green line is weird, I agree.

Andrew Puljar – When you see the car in person you will get a better view of the engine bay and why it’s like it is, also of the pinstriping. The car is a work of art on so many levels and nothing in Oz will come close to it for many years to come.

Rob Gartlan – I think it’s amusing that people are criticising the car, but have very little to no idea how much work goes into weld line deletion, smoothing, hours upon hours of alignment, the prep work for the basis of designs, and line integrations of things like the bonnet, the exhaust shaping and flow. Appreciation should be shown for the craftsmanship and engineering just to lay the design, let alone the end result. And the green strip? Honestly, who cares? We didn’t fork out the $200K-plus that it costs to build these cars.

Ian Shipp – I want to make love to it.