QUICK Fuel Technology has introduced its new Pro Street Q-Series and QFX-Series carburettors designed for higherhorsepower, larger-cubic-inch, street-driven engine applications. The carburettors are calibrated to provide good street manners, while still delivering maximum horsepower. For a full list of the carburettor’s features and to contact the fuel delivery experts, call Automotive Performance Distributors on (08) 8363 5566. 01


HAD a recent bust-up or just need to freshen things up?

Then check out Muscle Car Parts’ Holden HQ-WB lower cowl replacement panel. Replacing the entire panel will save you many hours of fiddly, costly repairs. And the panel can be mated with matching upper cowl panels to make your ride feel new again. Get yours for $535 by calling (02) 9821 2229. 02


PRO Touring Garage showcases some of the most awesome G-machines in the world. It’s also the place to get the best parts – from the world’s leading manufacturers – for your pro touring machine. Now you can be part of the ‘rolling hard’ team with these great shirts, hats and stickers. Get the merch here: 03


BILLET retro valve covers from Aeroflow are machined from a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminium; the silver option is anodised straight out of the CNC machine, while the black and polished versions are hand-polished. They feature flat gasket rails to ensure no leaks and they offer supreme vacuum retention. These covers fit LS2, LS3 and LS7 OEMstyle coils. Contact (02) 8825 1900. 04


SPEEDFLOW Products, Australia’s leader in manufacturing performance hose fittings, has announced the release of its comprehensive 2016 catalogue. To obtain your free copy of the Speedflow catalogue, simply send your name and address to, visit any Speedflow dealer or download a copy from 05


SHOW Boards Australia has added two new Perspex show boards to its range. The full range of boards includes Perspex, aluminium, stands, signs and plenty more, while specific shapes can be made to order. Find out more at or call 0427 205 712. 06


IS YOUR air conditioning unit clean and healthy?

Valvoline’s air conditioner odour eliminator cleans the air conditioning and heating system by removing and preventing the build-up of mould and mildew. It also helps keep in-cabin air fresh. For further details or to find your local retailer, visit 07


GET those intake valves squeaky clean again with CRC’s GDI IVD intake valve cleaner. The cleaner dissolves baked-on carbon deposits to increase power and torque. It’ll improve fuel economy and it’s harmless to turbos and intercoolers. As a bonus, no intake manifold disassembly is required. Give CRC Industries a buzz on 1800 224 227. 08