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“THIS is my husband Ron’s ’57 Chev. It has taken him four years to restore; he is a panel beater so has done all the work himself. It was a complete shelloff chassis restoration with a full blast. Some of the custom touches include: de-badging; fabricating a Chev bowtie and welding it into the boot lid; removing the boot floor and raising it three inches to accommodate a custom fuel tank; adding an Altronics electronic paddle shift; modifying the engine bay with a customised firewall, inner guards and radiator support panel; custom bar grille; and replacing the hood birds with air vents. The car runs on an Art Morrison chassis and is powered by a 598ci bigblock built by Shafiroff, with a TH400 ’box. Rims are Boyd Coddington Spectrums, and the paint is Nissan Diamond Silver and Saab Aubergine. Ron doesn’t know I am submitting this for him; I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he stumbles across it in the mag!” Words: Kirstie O’Brien 151


“I HAD been looking for a good ’66/’67 Nova and spotted this slick ’66 as part of a US auction. A Stateside mate checked it out, gave it the thumbs-up and won the auction on my behalf. Buying a car sight unseen was a big leap of faith but fortunately I was more than impressed when it finally landed Down Under. My wife Lesley liked it so much she claimed it as hers – she drives it, I maintain it! I had to address a few small issues to get it registered, and also added a few dress-up bits like the billet grille. Over the past three years Lesley and I have taken the Nova to a number of events, including the Lake Mulwala Rod Run. And while the car hasn’t officially been down the quarter, the alloyheaded 383 Chev, TH400 and narrowed 12-bolt are all plenty tough – it smokes the big rear tyres with ease.” Photos: Peter Williams


“MY TORANA was a very differentlooking car when I obtained it for the princely sum of four grand. Over the past few years my mates and I have transformed it from a clunky old beige shitter with a Nana-pack motor into something that really turns heads. It runs a rebuilt donk with a 350 Holley, high-comp heads, custom manifold and extractors feeding into a 2¼-inch set-up. While not the most popular Torana in the stable, it certainly puts a smile on my face with its orange paint, custom grille and interior, and big wheels all ’round.”


“I BOUGHT my XR8 Rebel new in 2001, but after a couple of years I got the urge to modify it. The new engine is a ball-tearer, based on a Dart SHP 4.125in-bore block with a 3.4in stroke to give 363ci. It’s filled with ported AFR 205 heads, 4340 crank and H-beam rods, flat-top pistons, and a Crow Cams solid-roller. I have two gearboxes depending on how I want to drive it: a Tremec T56 Magnum six-speed and a bulletproof C4 with 4500 stall.

The rear end now sports 3.9 gears and a fresh LSD clutch pack. I also modified the suspension and fitted larger K-Sport discs and Simmons FR19s (not shown in photo).”


ALICK Tildth Hinds’s genuine LX SL/R Torana has recently undergone a completely free five-week rebuild, thanks to Jeff Hemming and Julie Dawes from All U Need Restorations in Forbes, NSW. Yes, free! Last year Julie spotted a Facebook post from Alick and showed it to Jeff. “He had the car apart to repair the body, but when his son Brock developed Type 1 diabetes, Alick put out a plea for help,” Jeff says. “He just wanted to get it back on the road so he could take his son to the doctors and the hospital. It really touched us, so we contacted Alick and told him we’d fix it properly for him.” Alick had already taken care of the running gear and replaced the original 202 red motor with a modified Ecotec V6, but the car was missing a lot of bits and pieces. Jeff and Julie spread the word and the Forbes community got behind the project, helping on the build, sourcing and supplying the missing parts, and completely re-trimming the interior. Jeff carried out rust repairs and gave the car a full re-spray in Barbados Green before putting it all back together. “All I really wanted was a hand with some rust repairs and bodywork,” Alick marvels. “I still can’t believe Jeff and Julie have done all this for me and how well it turned out. Mate, I buckled at the knees when they first showed it to me finished!”

Words and photos: Steve Titcumb 153