Mira Kulwerka, email

MOSES and Jesus are in heaven playing a round of golf with this old guy.

Moses tees off, and his ball goes straight into the pond. “No problem!” he says, and walks to the pond, parts the water, and hits the ball again. This time it lands about 30cm from the hole.

Jesus then tees off and the ball swings wildly off to the left, hits a tree, then miraculously bounces within about 15cm of the hole.

Then the old guy steps up and tees off. The ball heads right for the pond, but just then, a huge fish jumps out of the water and grabs the ball in its mouth. Suddenly an eagle swoops down, grabs the fish and flies over the green. The fish drops the ball and it rolls within five centimetres of the hole, and just then a worm pops out of the ground right next to the ball, knocking it in for a hole-in-one!

Moses looks at Jesus and says: “You know, I really hate it when your dad plays.”