Paul Zeleny, email

HEY guys, years ago there was an article in SM about a Sydney-based gent who had an A9X and a Chevy Monza both cars stick in my mind as being absolutely stunning. Just wondering if you know what issue it was in and whether I could obtain a copy of that mag?

The Monza was something unusual at the time, and brought back memories of one that we saw from time to time in our teenage years around Brickies and Carter Street and a couple of inner-west locations.

It and a gold Corvette were two cars that never lost, irrespective of who took them on.

Anyway, keep up the great articles. I am really appreciating the diverse range of coverage, whether its about Aussie, NZ, US, street or drag cars.

HEY mate, the Chev Monza belonged to Bruno Caterina and was featured in the Sep 99 issue. As for tracking down a copy of the mag, eBay is your bet.