Paul Bowd, email

IN YOUR March mag a reader wrote in to have a rant about the rusty XK featured in Readers’ Rockets (SM, Feb ’16). While it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea either, I thought it was worthwhile as a rat rod-style vehicle. I like to see a balance between shiny show cars and cool sleepers, and other alternatives such as that XK. I have a personal preference for sleepers (how cool is John Di Mauro’s HQ?), but most of all I like to see variety and people who think outside of the box.

While I fully understand why LS-powered vehicles are so popular (and would love to stick one in my old injected 5.0L Calais), and can appreciate the effort that goes into making a shiny sweet ride (especially out of older tin), it would be a boring scene if that was all there was.

I enjoy seeing retrotech conversions, whether the donor vehicles are Ford, GM, Mopar or Japanese, and I also enjoy restored or slightly modded classics and customs. Having worked in the motor industry for over 20 years, I firmly believe that any car can be a good car at the right price – although having said that there are also some that you would have to pay me to take away!

So keep up the good work SM, and remember everyone: variety is supposed to be the spice of life.