Brendan Wilkie, email

IíVE just read the Stage Write article in the March mag and unfortunately agree 100 per cent with Bob. Itís a sad sign of current times that so many car products are throwaway items. In this day and age where society is trying to be environmentally focused and recycle, why are there no Ďrebuild kitsí for car parts?

As for used car values, how can a car that has been serviced by a 17-year-old apprentice, who has been told only to do task A, B and C and not even look at X,Y and Z, be worth so much more than it being serviced by your local mechanic with 30-plus yearsí experience? Once I was told I had lost $5000 because my car was not stamped by the manufacturer for every service. Apparently my day job of maintaining RAAF Super Hornets was not good enough to change my carís oil by the book!

I would love to see a manufacturer run some sort of class to allow people to DIY their cars under supervision, but in this day and age of corporates and profit margins, itís just a crazy dream.