Adam Nicholls, Street Neat Fabrication, email

HEY Redmond (Your Stuff, SM, Feb í16), I donít usually feel the need to comment on things in SM but your letter compelled me to type in. Given your blatant one-eyed view, I felt the need to enlighten you to the real world. I own a business doing restoration and modification work. Iím definitely a Ford fan, but 70 per cent of my work is rust repairs on Holdens or Ford nine-inch conversions. Granted, more people like Holdens than any other brand, but it doesnít matter what badge is on the front, the quality of my work does not change (nor does the passion for cars) Ė although Holdens do seem to need more work than other brands.

You need to appreciate a car for what it is Ė someoneís pride and joy, no matter the brand. Donít be so narrow-minded.

Just to highlight your ignorance in regard to the Ford vs Holden battle, check out the number-one spots in the APSA classes! While youíre at it, have a think about how many cars in those classes have an actual Holden engine or a Ford-based nine-inch.

Also, you should realise that mental health is a real problem for lots of people in the greater car community and the world in general. Have a think about it.