Larry Lloyd, email

I RECENTLY purchased a 1974 XB V8 GS panel van that had been owned by Wayne Ryan for the past 40 years. It was named The Traveliní Tavern, and was on the show circuit from the late 70s until 1982. I have photos from a show in Dee Why in Sydney; Endless Flight and Alley Cat were at the same show.

The van has been dormant since sometime in 1982, when the rear barn doors were stolen along with the TV and stereo from the back. Wayne took the van home, replaced the barn doors with the ones from his brotherís written-off van, then left it to sit under a carport, until health issues prompted him to sell it.

So far Iíve stripped the rear of the van to access the fuel tank, with the hope of getting it running and mechanically sound for registration.

I have included some recent photos (above), but hopefully you have some on file from back in the day. Somebody out there might remember the van or Wayne himself.