BLUEWIRE’S universal short wire harness and fuse block series offers an ultra-small fuse block that can be mounted in any position, including under the dash or seat. If your factory wire harness is still in good working order and you just want to clean up your old fuse box then this is the kit you need, at half the price of a full wire harness. Ideal for hot rods, racecars and custom car installations. Find out more at 01


KITTEN Metal Doctor is perfect for restoring, cleaning, polishing and protecting metal surfaces. It offers a long-lasting shine with superior weather protection to keep your ride gleaming, whether it lives in the garage or outdoors. Metal Doctor also provides protection against corrosion to keep your metalwork in perfect condition. For more info visit 02


THIS new robust, lightweight half-inch-drive impact wrench from M7 Air Tools features a powerful 1200lb-ft motor and magnesium/alloy construction. It only weights 1.7kg and operates at a low noise level of just 85dB. Check it out at 03


MOTHERS California Gold Waterless Wash & Wax does just what it says on the bottle: quickly and easily washes and waxes your vehicle without water! Mothers’ formula provides extreme lubrication to encapsulate and dissolve dirt and grime, allowing you to safely wipe your way to a scratch-free, perfectly clean finish. It’s safe to use on any exterior vehicle surface. Find out more by calling (02) 8853 2900 or visiting 04


AEROFLOW’S range of oil pans for LS engines are perfect for both street and track-driven high-performance applications. These GM LS-series pans incorporate a new stamped steel construction with specially designed extra-oil-capacity wings. They’re also fitted with a trap door that keeps oil at the pick-up during hard acceleration and braking. Suits LS engine transplants into Holden HQ-WB, 1968-72 Nova, 1965-72 Chevelle and 1967-69 Camaro. For more information visit or call Rocket on (02) 8825 1900.


WANNA jam some LS in your Jag? Hoist one in your Humber?

Or even lever one into a Lambo? Eagle Auto Parts have a massive range of LS-based crate motors ready for immediate delivery, including the mighty LSX 454R. Check them out at 06


THE PPG Vibrance Collection features some of the coolest custom car paint colours on the planet. This palette of special-effects paint finishes gives you endless possibilities, from clean, crisp solid colours through to mind-blowing custom finishes. There’s sure to be a perfect Vibrance Collection paint finish to bring your dream project to life!

Find out more at 07


WITH the release of the 2016 Mustang in Australia, the performance market has gone into overdrive, and Muscle Garage and Tuff Mounts have just released these beautiful CNC billet aluminium performance-inspired mounts to hold the toughest of engines in place in your ’Stang. They’re height-adjustable to give you room for a supercharger, come in two different hardness levels and bolt in easily. They’re priced at just $350 a pair.

For more info visit or phone (08) 8374 0011. 08