WE’RE not sure what was going on nine months ago, but there’s been a sudden explosion of rugrats amongst SM contributors.

Top snapper Chris Thorogood and his partner Sarah have just welcomed young Max (3800g) into the fold, and we’re guessing he’s going to be the most photographed kid ever.

Scribbler Andrew Broadley and his lovely snaphappy wife Kirsten have already given their new baby boy Beau his first photoshoot (pictured below).

Coming in at nine pounds, two ounces (4152g) he’s already a big unit – he takes after his dad no doubt.

Also joining the fold is little Stella Carey (2280g); she arrived only hours before we went to print.

Despite Dave’s best efforts to fit the word ‘Lego’ into her name, both bub and mum Sarah are doing well. Congrats to all from the SM team.


THERE’s only a month to go until MotorEx comes back to Melbourne for the second time. Judging by the success of the last event down south, this could just be the biggest MotorEx ever.

There’s plenty of thrashing going on behind the scenes, with more than a few entrants working around the clock to prepare their rides in time. One of the 10 rides being unveiled will be Craig Dixon’s HQ Monaro.

It’s powered by a Warspeed Racing 414ci smallblock, mini-tubbed to accept 22s under the rear, and sporting some killer trim by Matt Gilkes from Inside Rides. Danny Makdessi from Custom Bodyworks has laid down some Kandy Green paint over the supersmooth panels. The action all kicks off Saturday morning 16 July and continues through to Sunday.


THE August issue features Powercruise from Hampton Downs in NZ, Fitted Friday from Sydney Dragway, landspeed racing from El Mirage and the massive $10K budget buyers guide we promised you last issue.

Feature cars include a killer retrotech Valiant from South Oz, a mean twin-turbo HQ from NSW and a nasty black FJ from Qld. Plus plenty more, on sale 14 July.