OZ ROCKERS Airbourne are excitable types by nature, but they’re practically bursting out of their skins at the prospect of headlining the main stage at Summernats 30.

“We’re bloody excited,” says the band’s guitarist David Roads. “I’ve always wanted to go. Hopefully we’ll get down there early enough to have a look ’round and enjoy the festivities ourselves.”

Airbourne will play the main stage on Saturday night (7 January 2017), heading up an awesome Summernats 30 musical line-up that includes hip-hop sensation Drapht and indie rockers Thirsty Merc. With the band currently putting the finishing touches on their fourth album, the follow-up to 2013’s Black Dog Barking, Street Machine grabbed a little time with David to discuss what’s in store come January.

How are you feeling about playing Summernats for the big 30th birthday?

Really looking forward to it. Obviously we’ve all known about Summernats since we were growing up and it’s a pleasure to be playing it. This kind of event suits us to a T. We haven’t played Australia a lot over the past couple of years because of our workload overseas, so it’s great to come back and be able to do that as our first show back in Australia.

Your film clip for Live It Up had some sick burnouts in it.

Yeah, we filmed that clip in Melbourne for our last album and we had a bunch of guys come down in their cars and do burnouts right in front of us when we were playing the song. I actually remember one of the car owners was like: “This is better than Summernats!” Ha ha!

Are any of you guys into cars?

We all like our cars, especially Joel [O’Keeffe, guitar/vocals] and I. We both own Holdens but they’re nothing special; just something to get us from A to B when we’re in Australia. But what Australian doesn’t love old muscle cars from the 70s like Monaros, Toranas and the old Falcons? I’m a sucker for all those sorts of cars.

You guys hail from Warrnambool, which is the speedway capital of Australia.

Yeah, it is, we have the speedway just out of town and that goes off. And we probably have the most main-street lappage on a Saturday night of any town in Australia, too!

For people going to Summernats who don’t know Airbourne – what should they expect?

Loud, pumpin’ rock ’n’ roll and an energy-fuelled show. We’re not a stand-still band. I think we’ll be on around 10 o’clock on Saturday night so people will get the full production. So if you like rock ’n’ roll and having a good time, we’re definitely worth a look.

What’s been happening in the world of Airbourne lately?

We’ve been busy recording our fourth album in Melbourne so we’ve been in a bit of a bubble. We’ve been flat-out with that for the past four months, six days a week, and we’re just coming to the end of it all now. The album will be out later this year and it’s definitely our best album yet. I know I’ve said that every album but we just keep raising the bar that much every time.

You’ve been in a bubble, but you must’ve heard about AC/DC with Axl Rose?

Yeah, can’t escape that! I was sceptical at first because I’m a huge Brian Johnson fan but having seen the footage of some of the shows Axl’s done, he’s hitting the high notes and he’s definitely match fit. He’s killing it, I reckon. s