David Leikvold, email

KUDOS to Geoff Seddon for his coverage of the DLRA Speed Week (SM, May ’16). As the Track Two starter, I am always interested in the annual media coverage. Thank you for your kind words regarding the officials and our friends, the volunteers.

We push ourselves hard to make Speed Week better every year. Back in 2014 we had SCTA president Scott Andrews come out to see how the DLRA operated. He was blown away by the fact that my brother and I could reliably provide the next competitor better than the SCTA could.

He loved the TAG Heuer wireless timing system (apparently they still roll out miles of wire!) and told us not to copy the way the Americans ran Bonneville. Next year we will have much better radios and timing software systems. We are trying to design ourselves out of a job so that we can go racing ourselves one of these years!

Geoff’s description of the salt people as “eccentric” brought a smile to my face – it is so true. Coming from a circuit racing background, that took a lot for me to get used to; now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The only bad point in the coverage was that there were far too many photos of my ugly brother Peter, the chief starter!