Jay Shearer, email

IN JUNE 2014, while I was living on the Gold Coast during an expat assignment, I purchased a 1955 FJ ute from Perth and had it shipped over to Brisbane. I spent the next couple of months getting it road-legal and registered and then drove it to a couple of car shows and Holden meets before my family and I were repatriated back to the States in December last year. Of course I knew I was going to bring my humpy back with me, so he boarded a 2W RORO ship and made the long journey home.

Iím fairly active on a couple of FX/FJ Facebook pages and have been keeping everyone up to date on the progress, and will keep folks aware of how itís received over here at car shows.

The reason Iím writing is that someone recalled that it may have been in Street Machine at one point. I havenít been able to find anything based on cover shots of back issues for sale on Gumtree or eBay Ė would you happen to know if at some point a story was done on it? Iíve included some photos; the previous owner was Murray Bascombe, a panel beater in Perth, if that helps. Iím guessing with its wild paint scheme it would be memorable.

Would just love to have some documentation of its past to keep the history alive.