Matt Jamieson, email

I WAS reading through some of the past few months’ Street Machine mags, in particular Victor Bray’s Wild At Heart. A few months ago he commented how the introduction of the IHRA was the best thing since sliced bread for drag racing. It is now six months since the big three tracks have gone to IHRA, and the grass is not greener on the other side.

Firstly, there is still no rule book available for racers. Events are clandestinely still using the ANDRA rules. Victor made claims that ANDRA wanted to be in charge of everything and made bad decisions. Well we are now in a situation where a sole operator is in charge of the rules and no doubt will charge a premium to the other tracks to use those rules. This has made the so-called Drag Racing Commission obsolete. There is no racer representation at IHRA Australia.

Contrary to what Victor claims, ANDRA is a member-owned company and it makes decisions on behalf of all members. Victor also seems to forget that ANDRA does have a process for racer involvement in the rules. In fact when Robin Judd was the president of the Doorslammer Association, they had significant input into the rules.

Victor would also remember the debacle of Drag Ltd, but with rose-coloured glasses on, he seems to forget that those same players are behind 400 Thunder.

I think the following is very apt: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.