THE Sydney-based Davies family racing team have something to celebrate, after Michelle Davies claimed the title of the world’s quickest female 10.5 racer at the recent Nitro Champs at Sydney Dragway. Piloting the team’s supercharged hatchback Torana, Michelle went a staggering 6.40@218.9mph on only 35lb of boost.

The car previously ran a KB Olds for a best of 6.7, but the latest engine is a Hemi-based powerplant with a TFX Hemi billet block and Brad Anderson 8x heads, topped by a Kobelco 14/71 Superman blower and backed with a two-speed TH400 by Al’s Race Glides.

On the last pass the car broke the four-link bars, but showed every sign of running into the 6.30s. Stay tuned for more.


THE boys at Northmead Auto Centre have made great inroads towards building a twin-turbo kit for latemodel Mustangs fitted with the V8 Coyote motor. They are hoping to make 600rwhp on a stock unopened engine with a pair of Precision 60/62mm turbos (rated at 750hp each) mounted back near the gearbox. In the US, similar cars with unopened motors are running into the 9.50s with converter and turbo upgrades only.

Aside from the turbos, the lads are adding Ford Racing driveshafts, solid rear bushes and a 300x550mm air-to-air intercooler.

“The system is 3.5 inches from the turbos back, with a 3.5-inch dump pipe. To make the kit street-legal we are using the Turbosmart blow-off valve that allows you to plumb back into the intake,” says Northmead’s Nicholas Tzavaras.

At his stage the lads are looking to have it on the rollers and ready for tuning by the end June.


IT’S BEEN a while since we’ve heard from Rob Godfrey, but behind the scenes he’s been fettling his 712ci BBC-powered LH Torana.

“I wanted to run a 7.80 aspirated before I went to nitrous but could only manage a flat 7.90,” he says. “So I yanked the motor and changed from titanium rods to alloy, lowered the comp from 17:1 to 14, added a new cam, valves, springs, converter and diff.”

First pass out on the bottle, the car ran 7.51 with a 300-shot, and backed that up the next meeting with the same tune to run a 7.31.

The next step was a 400-shot, and the car clicked through the top end with a stunning 7.15@191mph.