AFTER destroying his gutsy 2006 VZ SS ute at an event in Tasmania, Street Machine Drag Challenge veteran Tim Bailey has found a 2005 Series 1 ute as a bare-shell replacement for the old warhorse. The new car will see a whole bunch of upgrades, from wiring and interior to brakes and fuel system. A new custom intercooler has been built to the same spec as the old item and all the intercooler piping for the F1 ProCharger has had an upgrade.

Ive got a bunch of new engine bits to make it live as long as it did before, and I hope to be pushing around 15psi on 98-octane fuel, Tim declares.

Ive decided to move away from the stock bottom end and have new pistons and rods on order, so I will retain the stock alloy block and bore it to give me 365ci, as I want to keep it a revvy deal to suit the centrifugal blower set-up.

The cam is being supplied by Lil Johns Motor Sports in the US, with BTR titanium retainers and spring kit. Other upgrades will include LS9 head gaskets, a Melling high-volume oil pump and a Katech C5R single-row timing chain.

Despite the heads being a stock casting, Tim has added LS3 hollow intake valves and LY6 truck exhaust valves, made from Inconel.

Other engine improvements include a racingstyle trap-door sump with the latest-design billet windage tray/crank scraper.

I want to rev it to around 7300-7500rpm, so Ive also added some of the Steve Morris/Trend monster pushrods with his rocker bush kit rather than the Comp Cams trunnion upgraded items I have been using, Tim says.

The car previously made 434rwkW (592hp) on 11.5psi and pump 98 fuel, and weighing a hefty 3880lb it ran an impressive 10.16@138mph with a blower-spec camshaft, new lifters, pushrods and spring kit, stock heads and L76 stock bottom end. s