WE BUMPED into Kim Ryan at the Holden-Powered Nationals at Heathcote Raceway, where she was racing her 1974 HQ Kingswood named Ruth. With a stock 202 and four-speed combo, Ruth wasn’t exactly setting the track on fire, but Kim had a grin from ear to ear, and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about.

So Kim, why is your HQ called Ruth?

Well, I was going to name her after my grandmother, but people would have thought that was a bit weird, you know: “I’m taking my grandmother for a spin.” So I decided to name her Ruth instead. She definitely needed a name because we’ve got three HQs between my boyfriend Andrew and I, and it helps identify them.

And how did Ruth come into your life?

I bought her in December last year. I always wanted an older car and I was looking at Chevy Bel Airs, but they’re just so big. We ended up finding Ruth on Gumtree. She was in Brissy so we had a guy inspect her for us; he said she was awesome and that was the end of it – she was mine. I think the 202 is the original motor, but I’m pretty sure she’s been converted to a four-speed from three-on-thetree, because of the bench seat.

What are your other Queys?

Well Andrew has a 1974 orange HQ sedan with the plates H8NLYF. It was running 10s on E85 with a 355 Holden before it blew the bottom end. So we’ve got the two HQ sedans, and then there’s a Barbados Green wagon – we nicknamed it Splice – that Andrew bought from Melbourne off an 82-year-old gentleman. It’s the only one in that colour we’ve ever seen. It’s going to be a bit of a sleeper; we’re going the full roofracks- and-venetians style, but it’s got a turbo LY6 iron block up front, chasing 1000hp.

That sounds wild, but what about Ruth? Any plans to make her faster?

There was talk of putting an LS1 into Ruth, but I quickly put the brakes on that idea. I want to keep her stock. Maybe we’ll do an exhaust to give her a bit of a note.

She’s a cool cruising car, but she is so quiet that you can’t even hear her running. I took her to the last Summernats with a couple of girlfriends; we had a ball.

And now you’re drag racing at Heathcote!

Yeah, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I like snowboarding and wakeboarding, anything that gives me a challenge. If anyone says: “You can’t do that!” I just say: “Watch me!”

It’s the quickest way to get me to do anything.

Eventually I want to drive something quicker; I used to race motocross and was into cars when I was younger, and I’ve gone for a run in Justin Robinson’s Torana with him – that was a blast! So to prepare me for the track we thought I should do some runs in Ruth first. During the day she was running mid-20s, so we dialled in at 20.57, but when it got cooler she went 20.35 and I broke out. The announcer was saying things like: “There’s grandpa going for a Sunday drive.” I let him know: “I’m female and it’s a Saturday, buddy!” s Girls — wanna be famous? Send pics, car details and contact details to: Iron Maiden, Street Machine, Locked Bag 12, Oakleigh, Vic 3166. Or email: streetmachine@