BOASTING 657 cubes, this polished metal mountain of an engine is a real aluminium extravagance. When we ask Greg ‘Beach’ Ball of Pro-Street Restorations if it’s just for display, he firmly states: “Nah, it’s goin’ in the T-bucket. I was looking for a Ford Motorsport block, but there was no stock anywhere.

Then I saw the C&C MotorSports aluminium blocks and thought, seeing as it’s going into a T-bucket, it would look good polished!”

So what’s inside it? “I dunno. Pistons and crank and stuff I think. Looks cool though, eh?”

Eventually Greg stops smiling and lists a few of the engine’s secrets. The C&C aluminium block sports a bunch of top-shelf components including a Stef’s Fabrication Specialties sheet-metal sump and Jon Kaase oil pump. But for the nitty-gritty details, Greg directed us to Peninsula Engine Services at Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for the full lowdown.

The guys at Peninsula put this monster together and the internal bits are impressive, with a Crower Ultra-Light crank, Oliver conrods, JE FSR forged pistons, and Total Seal rings keeping things tight. The modified Edelbrock aluminium heads house Comp roller rockers; Jesel roller lifters; Victory Performance custom titanium valves, retainers and locks; and PAC steel valve springs – all worked by a Comp roller cam via Manton pushrods.

Out front is an Innovators West harmonic balancer, but the crowning glory is the Blower Shop billet 8/71 supercharger with 12 per cent overdrive and an Enderle hat sitting on top. Joe Blo EFI is hidden inside the hat, and everything is controlled by a Haltech computer. The whole shebang’s been polished up the wazoo by Tony Clough at G&T Custom Metal Polishing.

To date the engine has not seen a dyno, but Greg reckons it might just have enough energy to lead the cruise. With all those cubes and a blower, it’s going to be hard to keep this monster under four figures. We can’t wait to see this insane piece of mechanical excess on show in the T-bucket. s