WE MET Mitchell at Gazzanats Darwin, where hed brought his wife and kids out for a weekend of burnouts, powerskids and track cruising. After seeing his HZ Holden one-tonner unable to keep a set of tyres on for just two powerskids, we had to find out what was powering this mental machine.

This thing is mental, whats under the bonnet?

Its a Dart 582ci big-block Chev with Brodix heads, 15:1 compression and running on methanol. It makes around 950hp at the crank and its hooked up to a TH400 transmission and a nine-inch diff with 2.75 gears and a full spool. I got the motor and gearbox from America, but I built the diff myself and put it all together with the help of some mates. Its pretty rough, but it gets the job done.

In what way is it rough?

I bought the car four years ago for $500 and it was a wreck. Just a rusty old car with dead bugs and heaps of crap inside it. I already had another HZ tonner that I built as a show car, so rather than wreck that in the burnouts I decided to build this one into the skid car and just go for big horsepower and not worry about the looks as you can probably tell. I started skidding it about two years ago with a 308 until I blew that up, and then got another one and did a season with it. So now this year Ive gone to the big-block. It made so much grunt that I had to add some weight to the rear end so it would make more smoke. My neighbour and I made the tray for the car out of 10mm steel plate and it weighs over 500kg!

Are there many burnout events in the Northern Territory?

Not really. They have burnout comps at the drag strip street meets every now and then, but the main ones are Brashernats, Gazzanats and Red CentreNATS.

What did you think of Gazzanats?

I really enjoyed it, it was cool to be able to thrash on the car and burn through as much fuel and tyres as you want for a weekend. I brought the wife and kids up with me; they had a ball and I went through seven sets of tyres!

I think it also brings a lot of people up to the Northern Territory, and we get to see all the amazing cars from down south.

Did your mates bring their cars too?

Yeah, me and a group of mates have started Half-Arsed Racing as a bit of a joke. Weve all got Kingswoods and help each other out working on the cars. Jake Earl had his MOIST convertible ute at Gazzanats and Ben Flynn had the LUXASKID late-model Statesman he has a panel van hes building at the moment for the skids.

Where did the name YAHOON come from?

I noticed a lot of the cars have real serioussounding names, and I just thought Id give mine something fun. At the end of the day we come out here and do burnouts for a bit of fun and have a laugh with our mates, so I wanted the name to reflect that. s

This year Ive gone with a big-block Chev. It made so much grunt that I had to add some weight to the rear end so it would make more smoke