Brett Suckling, email

JUST read Simon Major’s article about the ‘wrecked a classic’ crowd (Blowin’ Gaskets, SM, Nov ’16). Hear, hear! I could not have said that better myself. You’re absolutely right Simon, it is a generational mindset. I’m reasonably new to all these groups on Facebook, and notice all the negativity from people who are far too young to remember that the HQ Holden was the most produced car in Australia’s history for years, and that we all used to walk through wrecking yards full of GTs, GTSs, GTRs, RTs, Prems and God knows what else just lined up rotting; there were literally millions of them. And the trends at the time were cutting-edge.

So instead of cutting down an owner for 30-yearold modifications that don’t meet today’s genre styles, how about celebrating a surviving custom that has stood the test of time? I can guarantee that in 30 years’ time the next generation are going to wonder what was going through your mind when you put a big, ugly body kit on a rare R33 Skyline.

Just appreciate, don’t degenerate.