Redmond, email

IT IS with much thanks I send this email. After reading the Majorís Wrecking Crew article in Blowiní Gaskets (SM, Nov í16), I decided to cut up my VK bonnet. I kind of thought maybe I shouldnít do it, as it had managed to last 32 years without being a grinder victim. But after reading the article I realised itís only a VK, and any owner of a VK will tell you the only reason they got one was that they couldnít afford a Torana.

So I re-read the Majorís words while loading up my ultrafine grinding wheel. Done. And now my HDT Group 3 bonnet scoop actually can work and breathe. The cost? A cut-up VK bonnet worth less than the boost clamps on Terry Sengís HDT275.

We ainít restoring these things. Cut the springs, cut the exhaust and cut the shit.

Keep it Street.