Tony Hales, email

I FIRST started buying Street Machine back in 1985, scraping my pocket money together as a 13-year-old so I could drool over all the hot cars.

Fast forward to now, and as a 44-year-old, Iím still drooling over cars. Last year I finally was able to buy my dream car Ė a í77 Trans Am.

Now I will finally get to my point!

Back when I was that 13-year-old kid, it was always my dream to see my car in your mag. Now my query is: Has there ever been a í77 Trans Am (or the virtually identical í78 model) featured in SM? I know a few years back one of your staff had a story about when he bought a Firebird (or Formula?) and drove it from WA. Iím just curious if a Trans Am has ever been featured.

Not that Iím angling for my car; it isnít good enough to be a feature car. But perhaps one day (when I get it to a level Iím happy with) it may make the Readersí Rockets section if Iím lucky.

Anyway, keep up the great work.

HEY Tony, nope, weíve never featured a í77 or í78 íBird. Gavís Firebird yarn was in our 300th issue mag, Aug 2013. Would love to see some pics of your beast!