A Pizangri, email

A GORILLA walks into a bar. The bartender comes up to him and asks him what he wants.

“A scotch on the rocks, please,” the gorilla replies, and hands him $20.

So the bartender takes the money and goes to fix his drink. He thinks to himself: “Hey, this is a gorilla, he doesn’t know about the prices of drinks.” So when he gives the gorilla his drink, he only hands him 15 cents change.

Later on, another bartender asks the first bartender about the gorilla and he replies: “Yeah, he’s nice. Go talk to him.”

So the second bartender goes to the gorilla and strikes up a conversation. “Hey there! You know, we don’t get too many gorillas in here.”

“I’m not surprised,” the gorilla growls. “At $19.85 a drink, I sure ain’t coming back.”