Gustavo Bergamo, Akron, Ohio, USA

HI MATES! I was just reading the yarn on your website about Martin Agiusís Mustang (SM, Aug í15 and streetmachine.com.au). Martinís Mustang is amazing, and is a 1966 coupe, just like mine.

My car is all original, and I want to keep it that way, so I am not planning on any suspension or brake/ hub modifications. But I noticed Martin has Weld rims on his car, and I would like to have the same wheels and tyres on my own Mustang. So I was wondering, if Martin is reading this, perhaps he could answer my questions?

Would the same rims and tyres as Martinís fit an original í66? Did Martin buy his rims directly from Weld Racing? And lastly, I would like to know the information on tyre size and load index/speed symbol for the front and rear, so I can search for the best price.

Thanks, and all the best.

HEY Gustavo, Martinís stoked that you like his íStang!

Weíve passed on your details and heíll be in touch with answers to your questions.