Nick Venardis, email

I ENJOY reading your magazine on a regular basis, and in the December edition I noticed Simon Major’s Snap Shots article, When Custom Was King. It brought back memories of the 1965 radical custom HD Holden that I owned, designed and built as proprietor of Ariel Customs in Adelaide between 1979 and 1989. Its original name was Twisted Insanity, but was later changed to Strip Tripper. It was featured in Custom Rodder #67 (page 23), and was exhibited in the Adelaide Hot Rod Spectacular at Wayville Showgrounds, along with The Hunchback, John Zeigler’s HJ ute (both featured in your article) and the Mad Max trike.

Simon’s introduction – “Strap yourselves in for a look at a few builds that rocked our car world 30-plus years ago” – made me think that my radical custom HD is practically screaming to be featured in your mag. I have all the original show photos, as well as pics showing the build and steel fabrication processes.

If you think it’s worthy to be featured in Street Machine I’d be happy to supply any photos you may need. Please let me know what you think.

HEY Nick, needless to say, Simon Major will be in touch!