CONGRATS to Steve Nogas, who took out the Street Machine Summernats 30 Burnout Masters comp in his KILLA-B blown Camaro.

His perfectly executed skid in the elimination round put him in the Top 10 for Sunday’s final, where he combined massive smoke with inchperfect precision and used every corner of the pad to take the win. But it’s fair to say Steve had some pretty stout competition on the day. Andrew Lynch in the LYNCHY Corolla, for instance, put in one of the best burnouts we’ve seen from him, though in the end he only managed fourth place. But judging from the reaction on our Facebook page, quite a few of you thought he should have taken top honours.

Clint Webb – First off, congrats to Steve Nogas. Great skid and a deserving winner, but what I saw on Sunday from Andrew Lynch was possibly the best two skids you will ever see! And he did not even score a Top 3 result!

I’m am completely lost on the judging.

Jim Ward – Should have been Lynchy.

Luke Owens – He tagged the wall!

Jim Ward – I know, but it was minor and the rest was faultless. Don’t get me wrong, Nogas’s burnout was killer, but Lynchy really took it to the next level.

David Fitzgerald – Lynchy should have won hands down. I was there from Friday to Sunday and watched every skid. What Lynchy did no one could even come close to. His car had very minor damage to it, which means he only nudged the wall. If he’d hit the wall at the speed he tipped it in he would have nearly killed himself, it was that fast. I’m sick of all this ‘it’s all about smoke and power’ bullshit. If everyone is being judged on smoke produced then anyone with a right foot and 1200hp can do that.

Adrian Hodgson – Driver skill and smoke scores have equal weight.

Chris O’Brien – KILLA-B did the best burnout on the day. That’s all that matters.

Yes, Lynchy did a fantastic burnout, but he crossed the finish line on his first pass down the track. That’s when the scoring stops. I didn’t write the rules, I just read them. Maybe next year for him.

Brad Leigh – It’s pretty much a given that if you place one year you get bumped up a place the year after.

David Fitzgerald – The way I see it, all you need is a $150K smoke machine and you’ve won. I could buy my missus one and she could easily win the comp.

Jarrod Salmon – He hit the wall, mate.

Tapping the wall doesn’t win you comps.

Simon John Penney – Apparently Lynchy told the judges he touched the wall twice, that’s why it took a while to confirm places, as they were reviewing footage.