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“THIS is my 1973 LJ Torana. Years ago I had a minor accident in it, and that’s how this build started. I thought if I’m going to repair it, I may as well repaint it a different colour, and that’s when it snowballed into what it is today. The heartbeat is a Holden 308 stroked to 355ci, with a COME Racing crank, Crane cam, Torque Power intake and cast VN heads. Being a streeter, it has a solid Powerglide, running to a nine-inch diff with 3:9 gears. JL Racecars installed the mini-tubs and six-point rollcage. Wheels are 15x4 Weld Racing V-Series up front and 15x8 Billet Specialties Comp 5s on the rear. The LJ has standard front suspension, coil-over rear and factory boxed control arms with Strange shocks. Inside are Scheel seats, a custom dash and Auto Meter gauges, with trim by S Randall Trimming. Being a spray painter by trade, I wanted a colour that was intense in the sun, so I chose De Beer Lala Blue metallic. Huge thanks to BSR Paint Supplies, Dandy Engines, TCE Converters, KB Prestige, Retrolooms, BM Leather Creations, Lou and Frank, Dwayne, Darren, George, Bill and of course my wife and family.” Photos: Dan Browne


“THE ‘black turd’ started as a street car eight years ago with the factory 318 V8 in it, but not long after I bought it, the motor was replaced with an aspirated 440 big-block. It was then mini-tubbed and I fabricated an eight-point rollcage. Out back I put in a nine-inch with 35-spline axles as well as a Race Products floater, and leaf springs with my version of CalTracs and coil-over shocks. A couple of years down the track I purchased a 540ci big-block Hemi with 375 CP pistons, BME alloy rods, Keith Black water heads, stainless Manley valves and PAC springs. Trans is a Powerglide with a Dedenbear case with all the good bits and a converter from the Converter Shop. It now runs methanol injection through an 8/71 blower. So far it has run 8.50@160mph on 315 radials, but is now going on a diet, as the car with me in it weighs 3500lb. The aim is to lose 500lb, maybe a run a bigger blower and get into the sevens! I couldn’t have done all this without the help of my partner Julie and kids, as well as Chris Martin, Matt McCarthy, Michael Arnold and Guy Hall.” Photos: Steve Kelly


“I HAVE owned my HG Brougham for 35 years. It was bought as a stocker in Victoria; it was Florentine Gold with bone vinyl roof and interior, but has since been transformed into what you see here. It runs an HP-block L34-spec 308, a shift-kitted two-speed Powerglide, Salisbury 10-bolt 3.36:1 LSD, and rolls on a set of Rebel rims. The colour is BMW Diamantschwarz Metallic. After being parked in 1998, I pulled it out last year to give it a tidy-up (clean, polish, tune and new tyres), and re-registered it in time to take my son and daughter to their graduations and enjoy some weekend cruising.”


MY FAIRLANE has come a long way since I bought it off my uncle. It runs a 302 Cleveland topped with an Air-Gap manifold and Holley 600 carb, backed by a three-speed C4 auto and 3.00:1 BorgWarner diff. Soon though I’ll be replacing the Borgy with a nine-inch, and adding twin thermo fans and a Gilmer belt up front. It also has a factoryoptioned sunroof, 2˝-inch dual exhaust, has been lowered all ’round, and rolls on 14-inch GT 12-slotters.


“THIS is my BA MkII XR6. It has been my dream car for a number of years and I finally acquired it.

I’ve left it stock as I think it looks pretty good as it is. Might add some blue neons to it one day.”