Nick Tynan, email

I HAVE been a long-term reader and fan of the magazine; however recent publicity has caused me to take a closer look at Summernats, which your magazine promotes. While I admit I have never attended the event, with the power of the internet being what it is I took it upon myself to watch as many videos as I could to get a reasonable feel for what was going on.

Most of what I saw was just good fun involving lots of toplevel cars, but sadly the videos from Tuff Street were enough to make all that count for nothing.

I saw women being harassed, having water thrown over them – which incidentally qualifies as assault as far as the law is concerned – and childish behaviour from so-called ‘men’ that should have seen them tossed out on the kerb. All in full view of security, with nothing done about it.

I am a modified car fan, a custom motorcycle builder, I am a man, and I am a father of three boys, who I want to raise to respect women, something your magazine claims to do.

As long as Street Machine supports this event, and as long as the individuals running this event do nothing to weed out this conduct, you are all complicit in what goes on. The plight of every woman who feels threatened there is on all your heads.

As a result, I pledge never to buy your magazine, or to support any event with which you are associated as long as this continues. I’m sure losing one customer is no great concern, but in teaching my boys to treat women with respect, I must also teach them to stand up when women are being disrespected.

This is how I can stand up.

HEY Nick, rest assured, the Summernats team share your concerns. Check out our interview with ’Nats co-owner Andy Lopez on page 16, where he talks about some of the measures they’re taking to stamp out sexual harassment at the event.