Redmond, email

BLOODY hell – damn Major! With the grinder sparks barely washed out of my Street Machine T-shirt from me ‘not restoring’ my VK bonnet, I headed into my shed with the December Street Machine and a few bottles produced at 29 Nyrang St, Lidcombe, NSW. I read Mr Major’s Snap Shots piece ‘When Custom Was King’. Actually I devoured it – I am a tragic for the 70s/80s street machine scene, and I pored over every word and every photo. I noticed every car had a custom or unique front end or panelwork (the hotwires on John Zeigler’s HJ sent me into overload).

So I pumped some Aussie Crawl through my tape player and picked up the grinder and some De Ville chrome. Damn Major! Why can’t he write a piece called ‘How To Cook A Delicious Cake With A 308’ or ‘How To Flat-Change While Holding A Milkshake?’ Anyway, custom was king today.