AEROFLOW’S Holden VN-VS Commodore 5.0L EFI V8 Gilmer-style pulley kits are machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminium. They’re available in a black or silver hard anodised finish for maximum life of pulley teeth, meaning the chance of slippage and torn belts is reduced. The kit includes power steering and air-conditioning V-groove pulleys and all the required mounting hardware. Belts are sold separately. For more information contact Rocket Industries on (02) 8825 1900 or visit



DESIGNED to restore your car’s black plastic trim to a showroom-fresh look, Mothers Naturally Black Trim & Plastic Restorer aerosol is simple to use. Just spray it on and walk away while it does all the hard work.

Light oxidation, wax residue and surface film are lifted away from the surface, bringing back that dark, factory-new sheen to sunburnt plastic, rubber or vinyl. When you’re done, you’re left with a long-lasting protective barrier, preventing further deterioration caused by sun, smog, ozone, water, chemicals and airborne contaminants. For more information visit



PHILIPS Vision LEDs are brighter than a standard incandescent bulb, and designed to match the existing beam pattern of your lights for a factory feel. Vision LEDs are a ‘fit and forget’ solution with a 12-year warranty, and are currently available for brake and tail-lights, interior, glovebox, boot, number plate and parking lights. If you want to step your vehicle lighting up even further, Philips has the Xtreme Ultinon range of headlights, parking lights, fog, interior, indicator and brake/tail-lights, providing up to 150 per cent more light without glare to other road users.

For more information visit



AUTO Meter’s new AirDrive gauges feature the classic Auto Meter look and accuracy, but engine data is sent wirelessly from your vehicle’s computer.

The AirDrive Gauges are a simple plug-and-play installation. Just mount them where you like, wire them to ground and a 12-volt power source, then connect them to the AirDrive module, which is sold separately. The module plugs into the vehicle’s OBDII port and wirelessly sends inputs from the vehicle’s existing sensors to the gauges. The AirDrive system also features two extra analogue sensor inputs to deliver data from other sources, like a boost pressure sensor, for example. You can even program the gauges with your smartphone or tablet using Auto Meter’s free AirDrive mobile app! For more information visit



GOT a VL Commodore and want to bring it up to date with an LS transplant? There are lots of conversion kits out there, but Castlemaine Rod Shop’s LS into VL engine mounts use the factory RB-series K-frame, making the swap-over a breeze. The mounts are TIG-welded, powdercoated gloss black and Australian-made, so you know they’re going to work first time every time. For more information visit



AUSSIE company Plazmaman makes some of the neatest intercoolers and intake manifolds in the business. Plazmaman does ’coolers in all shapes and sizes for specific makes and models or universal fitment, suitable for anything ranging from mild streeters to serious race cars.

Used by some of the fastest cars in the country, these intercoolers not only look great but they’re proven to work. Plazmaman also makes a range of gorgeous billet intake manifolds and plenums for most highperformance engines, including LS, RB, Ford Barra and 2JZ. For more information visit



EVER wanted to fabricate your own body panels in your home or workshop? Well the Metalmaster SJ-24D Bead Roller from Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse could be for you. Made from heavy plate steel and featuring a huge 470mm throat depth, the SJ-24D Bead Roller can be used to strengthen and stiffen any type of panel, from roof to sills and guards. At only $360 plus GST, the SJ-24D Bead Roller is perfectly suited to the home workshop or garage. For more information call into your local Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse showroom or visit