Harry Package, email

A WOMAN desperately looking for work goes into a toy factory. The personnel manager looks over her resumé and explains to her that he has nothing worthy of her talents. The woman answers that she really needs work and will take almost anything. So the personnel manager thinks for a minute and tells her that the only job he has going is a low-skilled position on the Tickle Me Elmo production line.

The woman happily accepts his offer.

So he takes her down to the line, explains her duties, and tells her to report at 8am the next day.

The next morning at 8:45 there’s a knock at the personnel manager’s door. The Tickle Me Elmo line manager comes in and starts complaining about the new woman who has just been hired. After listening to how badly backed up the assembly line is, the personnel manager suggests that the line manager show him the problem.

So they go down to the production line and, sure enough, Elmos are backed up from here to kingdom come. Right at the end of the line is the woman who has just been hired. She has a roll of the material used for the Elmos, along with a big bag of marbles. The two men watch as she cuts a piece of fabric, wraps the fabric around two marbles, and starts sewing it between Elmo’s legs.

Seeing this, the personnel manager starts laughing uncontrollably. Finally, he pulls his new employee aside, and says: “I’m sorry. I guess you misunderstood me yesterday. What I wanted you to do was give Elmo two test tickles.”