Anton Mulls, email

I’D LIKE to reply to JD (Your Stuff, SM, Feb ’17), who wrote in about Brenden ‘Bubba’ Medlyn’s VH being on the cover of the January issue. I honestly don’t know where to start, mate. Calling the car ugly and saying that most turbo V8s run sevens (have a look at Arby’s POR440, it’s ‘only’ running nines) is taking away from what the car is. It won Street Machine Drag Challenge, and the January issue had the coverage of that event, so it kinda made sense putting it on the cover, surely?

Your claim that the “car is clearly not up to speed with what people want to see” is very wrong for me. A sevensecond car that did 1000 road kays is more of a street machine to me than some pretty, polished display piece. I love pro streeters. I was excited for a quick street car on the cover rather than some polished show car. Plus the fact it’s still running a Holden V8 rather than a belly-button LS swap makes it cooler for me.