Al Ponting, email

TO SIMON Major: Don’t be disheartened mate, for there are many positive stories of people helping out others stranded on the side of the road (Blowin’ Gaskets, SM, Mar ’17).

Here’s a story for you. I was driving up the Mt Glorious Road in Queensland late in the afternoon, to show my wife a house that I had found as we were moving interstate. It is a windy, steep road where you lose phone coverage. The Patrol decided to throw power steering and alternator belts, leaving me stranded, luckily where I could pull over. Got on the dog-and-bone, but nothing. Bugger!

So the wife, young fella and me were faced with a 20km walk to the in-laws.

Within moments an elderly couple pulled over, asking if we were okay. I asked if they could take my wife and son down to Samford so they could get to the in-laws and call the RACQ to come and rescue me. No worries, they said, and then enquired as to what had brought us up this road.

“Ah,” I said, “we’re just having a last drive up here in the late arvo as we are very keen on a house up at Mt Glorious, and as my missus will be driving up this road late, we wanted to make sure that was cool before we put in an offer.”

“Fair dinkum?” they said. “We are selling a house up there. Which one is it?” Well Simon, you can guess what happened next; because of their kindness we raised the offer we were going to make on their house, and now both parties are very happy. I waited three hours in the dark for the RACQ towie, and most people who passed me stopped to check if I was okay.

I stop at least once a week to ask if people are okay when they are pulled over on the side of the road; the road takes many casualties, both human and motor, so a wee bit of help never goes unheeded. Most are appreciative, a few are not so, but be true to yourself mate and your life will be richer for it. And yeah, don’t screw with karma – or for us bogans, carma!