James Onufryk, email

I AM A HUGE fan of your magazine, which has inspired many modifications to my Monaro.

However, I have three gripes.

One: Your magazine should contain streetregistered vehicles only, as the title is Street Machine. No matter the power and performance, if it cannot be registered, it’s not a street machine.

Two: With such an emphasis on drag racing and burnouts, the clientele of your magazine can best be described as ‘bogans’: Uncouth, with poor dental health (most likely smokers), a lack of physical appearance and disregard of their general heath, as shown through large waistlines or a strangely underweight appearance from over-consumption of alcohol – or worse.

I understand business is business and these people probably buy a large quota of your magazines. But please clean up the image of how car enthusiasts – such as myself – would like to be portrayed: well-employed, attractive, smart, well-presented, physically fit, educated people.

Three: Your magazine is no longer wellrounded.

Sure, in the 70s and 80s, with few overseas cars, SM fulfilled its purpose.

Nowadays you need to include far more Japanese (along with other countries’) cars.

I look forward to your response.