Phil, email

I WATCHED the Ultimate Burnout Challenge live feed on your Facebook page, and while you have done a great job bringing the event to us, and even though I would normally love watching such an event, I found it a little boring, so I would like to share my reasons.

With current engine technology and also the trend towards supercharging engines, it becomes really easy to produce smoke, which it becomes really easy to produce smoke, which of course is brilliant, but if too much is produced nobody can see. The driver more than likely has difficulty seeing and viewers on digital media canít see the driverís skills in throwing their vehicle around. I certainly understand that this may be a totally different situation live at the venue, but I live in Thailand so my view of these events was mostly a screen full of smoke with a V8 engine bouncing off the rev limiter.

The way that the drivers throw the cars around these days is absolutely awesome Ė heaps better than they did 20 years ago. However, we only get to see a little bit before the view becomes a pile of smoke, so I was just thinking that maybe the scoring could be changed so that it is heavily based on driver skill, a little less on smoke and penalties for hitting the rev limiter.

I understand that people have put a lot of effort into this event so I really hope that nobody is offended by my email, as it is certainly not my intention. hich