A WHILE ago Simon Major wrote a yarn on our website bemoaning the keyboard warriors who pour scorn on modified cars with cries of “wrecked a classic” or “should have left it stock”.

Simo thought such comments “go completely against the legacy that our hot rodding forefathers created by bucking the restored car establishment”. What do you reckon?

Loc Nawrik – If cars aren’t raced, crashed, modified and generally built for personal taste, then we would be swamped with ‘classics’ that aren’t worth shit because of an over-supply of them. I’m building my ’69 Firebird my way, which is not to original specs. All that means is that the guy who restores his car to showroom spec will have less competition and his car will be worth more.

Matthew Auger – It’s all dollars now. Monaros, Falcon hardtops and Torana hatches were cheap once upon a time, so boxing the guards, tubs, bonnet holes etc was all good. Just like the panel vans. I like the DIY ethic behind old Aussie customs.

Brendon Bell – It would be a boring world if we all left our cars bog-stock. I am an 80s kid and enjoy the look of some of the older customs.

I don’t care if it’s stock, modified or a hot rod – at least they have survived the crusher.

David Hamilton – If it’s still nice, someone will get nostalgic for it and drive it around. Not that long ago no one ever thought people would restore XD Falcons. The negative comments mostly come from 12-year-olds with NFI how stuff works in the real world. Some people probably think my old Cortina speedway car was a waste.

Gary Shepherd – I suspect that most of the negative comments come from people who have never actually attempted to build a car.

If you have you’ll never bag someone’s pride and joy, even if you don’t like it, because you understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into them.

Andrew Gallehawk – One of the best articles I’ve seen in ages. The best enthusiasts are the ones who can appreciate the passion and creations of other enthusiasts. I can appreciate John Saad’s Grand Champ-winning RX-3 as much as Mark Williams’s tonner.

Jon Jr Roberts – These days I prefer to restore the old girls, but some cars are beyond that and would suit a custom build. Whether it’s a new or old build, no one should leave negative comments about it. They don’t know the history of the car or its true condition. The only time I cry about a classic is when they are left outside to rust back into the earth.

Paul Robbo Robson – I had a rust-free, resprayed, original 253 HZ wagon sitting out in the weather for seven years for sale. I didn’t want much for it, but I couldn’t give it away, and it has now been claimed by the rust gods.

Where were all these ‘what a waste’ crowd when a classic needed to be saved? Sitting on their computers and phones complaining.