INDEPENDENT rear suspension is all well and good for smooth handling and ride quality in family cars, but for big-horsepower applications like drag racing and burnouts, it has its limitations.

Overcome those issues with this beaut bolt-in, live-axle fourlink set-up from the Castlemaine Rod Shop. Available to suit VT-VZ Commodores, the kit includes a brand new nine-inch diff with your choice of ratio, and Truetrac and full-spool centres available. You can order the housing in a length to suit your application, and the kit comes with fully adjustable coil-over shocks and Wilwood disc brakes, priced from $5995. For more information, head to 01


IF EVER there was a product that allowed you to have your proverbial cake and eat it too, then surely this is it. The new Terminator Stealth Throttlebody Fuel injection System from Holley retains the traditional look of a carburettor but affords you all the benefits and functionality of fuel injection. The system is easy to install, requires no prior experience with computer tuning, and literally tunes itself as you drive. It also comes with a hand-held tuning module and can be upgraded so that you can custom-tune it yourself with a laptop. The throttlebody has a 4150 base and literally bolts in place of most regular four-barrel carbies. For more info, visit 02


FORD fans rejoice Ė an all-new aftermarket Clevo block is almost here!

Produced in Manitowoc, Wisconsin by TMeyer, the Track Boss block will be available in both iron and alloy castings and looks virtually identical to a factory Cleveland item. Developed by Tod Buttermore and featuring key improvements such as splayed four-bolt mains caps and a deck height of up to 9.5 inches, these blocks should be in stock in Australia at Precision International by late November. For more information, head to 03


THE Grant brand has been producing aftermarket steering wheels for race and street cars for yonks, and now itís branching out into other interior products, like these Motorsport Safety Harnesses. SFIapproved, the five-point harness features a universal-fit, latch-andlink- style buckle, a removable sternum strap, and a choice of two- or three-inch belt widths. It can be floor or rollcage mounted and is available from Summit Racing Equipment. Hit up for more details. 04


NEW from Muscle Garage are these LS Head Plates, which bolt straight on the front of your LS engine and pretty it right up with a clean, mirror-finished face. Improving the look of LS engines is always a challenge, and this is a quick, easy and affordable way to dress yours up a bit. Also available in black, they are priced from just $77 for the pair. Contact Muscle Garage on (08) 8374 0011, or visit for more info. 05


PARTICULARLY in urban environments, bastard contaminants can latch onto your paintwork and affect the finish. Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 is a contaminant removal process thatís designed to be quick and easy. Itís as simple as washing or spray waxing your way to a clean, smooth and restored paint surface thatís ready for polishing and waxing. You clay as you wash, or as you wax. More information at 06


HANKOOKíS Ventus S1 Evo2 is the Korean manufacturerís flagship street-focused tyre. The Ventus S1 Evo2 leans towards cornering prowess and performance in the wet or dry, and our mates over at MOTOR saw fit to award it two podiums in their tyre test. Itís available to suit everything from 16- to 19-inch wheels. For more information, peel on over to 07