Giuseppe Minutolo, email

IíM FROM Adelaide, and I am rebuilding an old cover car you featured in the early 90s. Itís a Verdoro Green HG Monaro GTS that had its tunnel-rammed engine and all the extras painted gold and ran Cheviot-style Center Lines. The number plate on the car is RDK215 and was from Riverland, South Australia. I donít have any pictures of when it was featured, only later.

The owner then I think was named Claude? Iím chasing a copy of the issue if thatís possible.

GíDAY mate, it was actually featured in the 80s Ė the Feb/Mar 1984 issue to be precise Ė and the owner was Claude Caruso. We donít have any spare copies of that issue, but itís a super-cool car; would love to see what you are doing with it. Ė Telfo