Daniel Peachey, email

I JUST read James Onufryk’s letter (Your Stuff, SM, Aug ’17), and I can only assume it was tongue-in-cheek?

But if he’s serious that Street Machine should only contain street-registered cars then I completely disagree. I think so long as they’re loosely based on street machines, we need more drag cars and burnout cars – the wilder the better.

There should always be a few nice streeters, and don’t forget about traditional rods/customs (have you seen the Beetle with the Buick?).

As for Japanese cars, they should only be featured if they’re street machine-style, like John Saad’s awesome RX-3 that won Summernats Grand Champion (I’m definitely not a fan of the Celica in the June issue).

I like lowriders, too, so it’d be nice to see a couple of them every once in a while.

Anyhoo, I’m off to do some push-ups!