Sydney Miller, emai

HI GUYS, just finished reading your July issue and was really pleased to find a write-up on the modern Monaro! I own a 2004 CV8-R with 90,000km on the clock. It is basically standard except exhaust and MAFless tune.

Anyway, there are a few points you got wrong about the CV8-R. The first CV8-R was available in Turbine Mica Grey only, and only 350 were produced, 140 of which were manual. These were Series II. Other Commodore models were available in this colour. The 2004 CV8-R was a Series III, which had a run of 320 units and only came in Pulse Red the only Holden released in Australia with this colour code (they were sent to the US as Pontiac GTOs in this colour). The manual/automatic split was very similar to the earlier CV8-R.

I would love to see a few readers with later Monaros in your magazine.