A WANDER through the Muscle Car Parts warehouse in Sydney recently revealed a treasure trove of gear, including whole floorpans (and lots of other panels) for everything from tri-five Chevrolets through to a host of local cars. So if your project has stalled for want of panels, get in touch and see if they can help you out. Visit for more information.



THESE see-through fluid filter assemblies allow you to visually inspect the colour and condition of the fluid being filtered. You can also quickly drain the filter using compressed air, exposing the filter element and allowing you to easily identify contaminants and particles. This can assist in the early diagnosis of faults such as excessive bearing wear. Filter elements can be cleaned and re-used and filter housings are machined from 6061 T6 billet aluminium and clear-anodised. Sight windows are high-grade polycarbonate that is chemical-, heat- and shatter-resistant. For more information, head to



IF YOU like their old stuff better than their new stuff, you’ll probably dig Holley’s new Vintage Series air cleaner and rocker cover line-up. Holley has partnered with GM to produce the Vintage Series family of die-cast aluminium engine dress-up accessories, featuring a classically inspired finned design and high-definition retro branding, offered in an array of finishes to best suit your build. These 14-inch air cleaners feature the iconic Chevy ‘Bowtie’ logo, and are available in raw, polished, orange and black. Head to for more details.



ASIDE from its performance products, Aeroflow manufactures a great range of specialty motorsport tools and garage equipment.

The range includes vice jaws in aluminium or nylon; aluminium shifters in different sizes that are great for assembling fittings; a coil-over adjuster tool; oil pump primer tool; professional brake flaring tool; and many more. Aeroflow also manufactures an assortment of engine cradles, engine stands, engine cranes and more to help you lift, store and transport your engine. Grab the latest Aeroflow catalogue and check out the full range, or head to or for more information.



MADE entirely in-house by BG Engines in North Richmond, NSW, these Pro Billet intake runners and flange plates are available individually, as ‘knock-together’ manifold kits for you to assemble and weld yourself, or as part of a complete custombuilt manifold. Every manifold BG builds is completely bespoke and designed to suit your application to maximise performance.

The outside wall of each runner is machined with greater wall thickness to allow you to drill and tap port nozzles for nitrous or alcohol without having to weld on a boss, and it’s all made from 6061 heat-treated aluminium. Head to for more information.



IF YOU’RE after a high-volume fuel pump for your Clevo but would rather stick with a mechanical pump, suss out these NASCAR-style, six-valve, high-volume mechanical fuel pumps from Speed Pro. There are two styles of pumps for engines up to 1100hp, and the valve body can be rotated in any direction, with no disassembly required. The side inlet port and bottom outlet port are both half-inch NPT, and the pumps are suitable for both petrol and petrol/ethanol blends. Call Speed Pro on (03) 9794 5177 or check them out at



THE new Mothers Speed range of products is designed to provide great results quickly and easily, fast-tracking the application and removal process. It’s all about instant results with minimal effort – perfect for the street machiner on the go. Mothers Speed Spray Wax is a combination of Instant Detailer and Spray Wax, and allows the clay bar 2.0 (or standard clay bar) to glide over the surface easily. It also spreads around the surface and buffs off with ease. Ideal for use on a dry or wet car. More details at