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“MY NAME is Dave Lock and I am a volunteer with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Adelaide.

This AP6 belongs to a tough young guy called Lachlan Morley. He got the car in May 2014, and he and his dad worked hard to get it restored and back on the road in a year. A big thank you to Speedy Brakes, Carline Findon and Bruno from Woodville Park Autos.

But in July 2015 Lachlan was diagnosed with cancer (Ewing’s sarcoma), which was in the left side of his pelvis and had also gone around his spine and into his lungs. He started treatment at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Adelaide and for the next three months had intense chemotherapy – three weeks on, one week off.

In November that year he underwent a marathon 15-hour operation that involved putting a titanium bracket on the left side of his hip as well as taking some of his fibula bone to help strengthen the hip. The following month he started another gruelling round of chemo.

Lachlan was eligible to receive a wish from Make-A-Wish. We visited Lachlan and found out his car had everything restored except the interior.

The front seat was so bad you were virtually sitting on the floor and the rest needed some TLC. Brian from Cool Trimming at Blair Athol was given the task of the re-trim. Thanks also to Michael Cummins from MC Windscreens & Window Tinting for the removal and replacement of the windscreens to make re-trimming easier.

A few weeks later the car was ready. When Lachlan jumped into the driver’s seat you could not wipe the smile off his face. When it was time to leave, his dad had a hard time getting him to move over into the passenger seat so they could drive it home!

After a lengthy rehabilitation program, things are now looking better for Lachlan. Doctors say the signs are positive, but he will still require X-rays, MRIs and blood tests to monitor his health for the next four years. But hopefully by the time this goes to print he will be out cruising in his cool car!”


“I GOT the XE off a couple of backpackers in Albany for $1200 around 11 years ago and put a decent 351/C4 combo in it. I got a loan for $5000 and had it painted, bought a nine-inch diff off a mate for $500 and the wheels came from Flinty’s burnout car. I bought a top end kit for the old 351, which came with CHI heads, solidroller cam, intake manifold, rockers and pushrods, but it ended up chewing the dizzy gear so I built a whole new motor, which punched it out to 408 cubes. I also built a C10 with an Allfast 4500 stall, which was good enough to give me 507rwhp on E85. Thanks to my missus Rachel for putting up with me and the car, Daniel Slater, Jesse Batt, and my apprentice Jayden for cleaning it all the time.”

Photos: Brad Miskiewicz


“THIS is my 1963 EH wagon. It has a supercharged V6 and automatic out of a Commodore, a VL diff and a V6 Conversions front end with power steering. Other goodies include a 90-litre drop tank and a full sound system. My niece Kendall and my nephew Cullen love going for a ride in the ‘olden days car’, and Cullen likes to bang through the gears with the B&M quick-shift.

When I went to look at the car to buy, I asked the seller if it had a name and he told me it was Nancy. That was my late nanna’s name, so I had to have it!”


“THIS is my first car, which I bought last year when I was 16. It’s a 1969 Holden HT ute with a 202 and three-on-the-tree. Since I have owned it I have refurbished the interior to the original colour and pattern, lowered it, and put a discbrake front end in it. I don’t drive it often; it’s just my weekend cruiser.”