Andrew Gallehawk, email

I THOUGHT I would give you guys some feedback on your coverage of Hot Rod Drag Week ( What you managed to achieve with a small team was excellent in allowing us to see the sights and sounds of the week. I loved the footage of the racing by Hot Rod magazine, but having your footage of cars being fixed, travelling in the Aussie Chevelle, or just looking at the competitors’ cars in the middle of the night, gave me the feeling of being there and a true sense of the event that everyone talks about.

Going forward, I have a few questions and suggestions. Are you guys hoping to deliver content on Street Machine Drag Challenge in a similar way, to provide that viewer-is-there experience? I know this is a bit out there, but have you guys thought of approaching Hot Rod’s Dave Freiburger to come over for Drag Challenge to be part of the action? It would allow viewers, especially in the USA, who watch Dave to be exposed to Drag Challenge.

Have you thought of expanding the social media of the Summernats? I would love to see the stories of people in Tuff Street, an in-car experience of the Supercruise, or one of the guys just showing a day at the Summernats.

Well, that’s my two cents; keep up the great work!

HEY mate, thanks for the kind words. We’ll definitely be bringing you all the action from Drag Challenge on There are whispers of someone from the Roadkill crew attending Drag Challenge one day; we’d be stoked if it happens!