Rob Steward, email

BACK in May this year I came into some money and decided to buy the car Iíve been chasing for nearly 24 years. I found this sweet LC Torana in Sydney, so I travelled from Townsville to buy it.

After purchasing this little monster, I was on my way to my brotherís house to put a carby kit through the 350 Holley, and as I was getting on the M4 at Silverwater Road, some clown Ė who I believe was on his phone Ė didnít see that I had stopped (it was peak-hour traffic). He hit me so hard he pushed me into the car in front, basically crushing the LC so much the roof buckled and none of the doors could open. It was a total write-off and Iíd only owned it for an hour!

Iím lucky I have a four-door LJ here in Townsville so that the LC can be used for donor parts Ė well, whatís still usable anyway. Being a military pensioner and unable to work, Iíve no money to get the panel-beating done, so it looks like Iíll be saving my pennies for years to come. Thanks for printing this and showing my deep sorrow.